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David Icke, according to the bio on his online bookstorewebsite,“is a former Professional Soccer player, journalist, network anchorman with the BBC, spokesman in the 1980's for the British Green Party, and since 1990 a full time investigator into who and what is really controlling the world”. Mr. Icke hasn’t received any type of educational training in any scientific field, or even remotely scientifically related.

imageWhat exactly does David Icke claim?

David Icke has a very similar hypothesis as that of Zecharia Sitchin,but substantially more interesting and more entertaining, not to mention reminiscent of the 1980's American television series titledV: The Seriesthat scared the mess out of me as a child when I saw a human woman give birth to a reptilian baby. Just as Sitchin claimed an alien race came to Earth for its precious metals so too does David Icke, however he proposes they came seeking monoatomicgold. David Icke has hypothesized that theAnunnakiwere an alien race of reptilian gods, from theDraco constellation,that mated with humans and their offspring resulted in what he calls the Babylonian Brotherhood which, to name a few, has included several American Presidents, British and Canadian prime ministers, Sumerian kings and Egyptian pharaohs, along with an abundance of celebrities. Icke also claims that the pure-blood of these half-bred-reptilian-aliens-that-pass-as-human creatures reside in hidden caverns and tunnels located within the Earth's interior and that Earth can be occupied, at any one given time, by native and/or extraterrestrial reptilians.

Michael Barkun(2006) attempts to convey a clearer visualization, and concise understanding, of these creatures in stating that these “reptilians… walk erect and may appear “humanoid” on casual inspection” while “control[ing] the Global Elite and Brotherhood by a combination of methods”; that they “have crossbred with human beings, creating creatures that look human but are inwardly reptilian”, and that “these hybrids” are “possessed by their fullblood reptilian masters”. These reptiles are alleged to be part of a largerNew World Orderthat control the governments of the world, the United Nations, the media, science, religion, the military, the CIA, the Illuminati...and of course, the internet just to name a few.

How have David Icke's claims been debunked?

In order to understand how David Icke's claims been debunked, we must first understand why some people choose to believe conspiracies stories, outright falsehoods and just flat outweird things. Michael Shermer, speaking on the same topic,(2009)had this to say:

“…patternicity (the tendency to find meaningful patterns in random noise) and agenticity (the bent to believe the world is controlled by invisible intentional agents). Conspiracy theories connect the dots of random events into meaningful patterns and then infuse those patterns with intentional agency. Add to those propensities the confirmation bias (which seeks and finds confirmatory evidence for what we already believe) and the hindsight bias (which tailors after-the-fact explanations to what we already know happened), and we have the foundation for conspiratorial cognition”.

The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (2011), in a column written by Ted Goertzel titledThe Conspiracy Meme,states that “[c]onspiracy theories are easy to propagate and difficult to refute”, he also says that “[t]he central logic…is to question, often on speculative grounds, everything the “establishment” says or does, and to demand immediate, comprehensive, and convincing answers to all questions. Unconvincing answers are taken as proof of a conspiratorial deception”. They further state that: “[s]cientific and technological conspiracies often allege the misuse of science by government, the military, or large corporations, and they include bizarre claims that the military suppressed technology that could make warships invisible, automobile or oil companies possess hidden technology that can turn water into gasoline, and the military is secretly in cahoots with space aliens”.

Should one day you find yourself with two hours of free time, or even two hours of procrastination time while attempting to avoid doing those things you may loathe (such as cleaning the toilet bowl, washing dishes, doing the laundry or removing dog poo from your yard), I highly recommend that you immerse yourself in all things David Icke and watch, with gaping jaw, thepresentationhe gave at the Oxford Union Debating Society in February 2011. If you pay attention, it need not even be close attention, you will notice his distortion of the words spoken by Mahatma Gandhi; the comparisons he uses (to his own ridicule, by the public, to those who were ridiculed and persecuted for proclaiming that the Earth was round and not flat) in an attempt to prove his hypotheses are correct and that he is, in fact, not a "nut job"; how he plays on our individual discontent with government authority and control and proclaims that we are all sheep and puppets. For the extra added boost and viewing pleasure,of those of us who are American citizens, he thoroughly insults us as a society in more ways than one. David Icke insinuates thatPresident Obabais a reptilian alien; he lumps us all into one huge stereotypical mess of Jersey Shore-ism; and then further attempts to shame us as a whole by proclaiming that our priorities are out of order when the American public (in which he refers to as if it were a general American consensus) gets in an uproar over the accidental exposure of Janet Jackson's boob, during the 2004 Super Bowl half-time show, then in the results of wars (which are begun, fought, and finished by Presidential aliens) and the terror and death left in its wake - all while showing slides of dead, mutilated, and exploded corpses of children.

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Very, very, valid information:

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Author: H. Wilson

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